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H.P. stands for Happy Psyclists

s1174775199_310838_8258.jpgFriday night I drove (yes drove) to see my friends Chris and Traci. We drank. A lot. I sucked down a Allagash Black (yummy) which did me good. I promptly washed that down with some Hop Back. In between killing aliens, during Halo 3, we sparked ’til 3am. All of this a… good receipy for waking up at 7:30am to drive 55minutes home for riding at good ol’ H.P.

Woke up and totally forgot were I was. It was a bit concerning. Then realized I was in their apartment and it was time to get up to drive home. I’ll be honest…I may have been still a bit buzzed from the nights activities. Nothing a good ol’ Sauge, Egg, and Cheese from DD couldn’t help. Plus an extra strong iced coffee. The drive was fine no issues but seemed like I couldn’t get on the bike soon enough.

So after some fog and some more coffee I headed to H.P. I thought I was gonna be late but I was first there. The hangovah was catching up to me. I shot a GU and swigged some water. Mary might have helped a bit more too.

The miskerters wer fuckin’ huge. Damn vultures.  Besides those jerks, we had an amazing ride. A bit slick to keep it interesting. But mostly the conditions were just right. I could have gone on for hours. Damn responsibilities got in the way. To much to do.

Hopefully next saturday will be as fulfilling.

That pic isn’t H.P. That is “Da Summit”

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  1. mauricio rojas Says:

    this page is right .. but not how boston doesnt really have trails or pump tracks or anythinggggg!! erggg do u have any idea about indoor parks or trails .. anything in the boston area??

    ps i too have those dreams at night ..normall ppl refer to it as insomnia but i like to say its conscious dreaming .. fkz yehh ] but yeh yeo hit meeeee wit a trackk !!!!

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