Adrenalin Junkie

My Thoughts, Riding experiences, Industry experiences, and Life experiences that all somehow involve bikes

I have had many dreams. Most of them really fucked up and disorienting. I usually wake up with a look of relief on my face. They aren’t scary (to me) but I am sure some brain monkeys would love to crawl up in this one. 

Most of my greatest thoughts come to me late at night. The moment I feel that weight approach my eyelids and the rope tied to my chin gets pulled on. I get these amazing flashes of flight, speed and flow. I am riding (in my head) to a destination unkown. What ever my mind can muster pops into my head.  Most of these trails are made up in my head.

This type of thing may not happen to many people. Starting my slumber with the amazing feeling of weightlessness and the smell of dirt flicking my nose hairs.  The fight is over and I find myself in the incredibly warm place. A place I can feel no harm and gravity only takes over when I want it to. That even a 68/11 is the easiest gear and speed has no limits. The sound barrier is only the begining. Roots are slippery and rocks are shaped just right. Potholes have kickers just before them. And my legs never get tired. This is when slumber sets in.

I am totally relaxed and my brain shuts off for a few moments. Then the lobes start firing. the light slowly glows brighter to a world that seems fimilar but in so many ways. My mind puts a smattering of locations in the picture. People I know and don’t know (or do I?). Things happen, sometimes repeats, in and very well corrigraphed way. This dream has a purpose and most likely will not reveal this purpose. I awake with no gratification of what happened and why. Of who was there and why they were part of this unfinished journey through my brain.

Then I remember it is time to ride.

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