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Lil’ Space Rider


The last few days have been good. Lots of riding and lots of beer and good food. I have only been on Totem a couple of times and have been riding Red (Trek road bike). Red has been treating me well. I did get two flats and took a good spill on her but otherwise she has been better than I could ever ask.

Tomorrow is a day of Urban riding with K. He just got a new sled and wants to go spin around Bean Town and terrorize the Saturday tourists.  Opie has been fitted with some new gear so he is ready to be thrashed. As am I. Haven’t done and Ubran MTB ride in…..along time.

I actually just realized that I have only posted pics of one of my bikes. A shame I know. I will get a few pics to post up and put in a new post in the next couple of days. I have 6 and I am pretty proud of them.  One of them “Patriot” is and has been a carcus for some time now. He will be built in the next month or so as a back up A.M. (All Mountain) bike.

The other bike that is not quite were I want it to be as a bike is “Space Rider”. She has been sitting in the bowels of the shop for some time now. Found by K and given to me for a winter time project. It is an old (I won’t guess the age) 3 speed girls 24″ bike. My plan is to….well pimp the shit our of her. She is a coool blue color and in great shape considering she was found in the trash. Some pics are posted of the Pre-pimpin’. I love old bikes and considering how good of shape she is in, it should be a beautiful bike when I am done. It’ll take a while though. Stay tuned and I will continue to post updates and pics as the she grows into a beautiful flower. Isn’t that what ever father hopes for their “Lil’ Space Rider”.

Also in Adrenalin Land Totem will be seeing a bit of work in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for updates and pics of him.

Keep praying for sun, warmth, melting, better weather to drink beer and eat food outside with friends. It is coming and even though it seems like a long way out…it will be here before you know it.

Space Rider

Lil Space

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