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This past Saturday I went for an Urban MTB ride with K. We started in Cambridge and road 75% of the cities fun spots. Then rode back to Cambridge. The weather was awesome despite a chilly breeze near the water.  This was the first Urban ride on hardtails (mine was rigid style…not that makes me cooler or anything) that either of us have done in a long time…years. So we were both doing the basics. relearning manuals and jumping up things on our hardtails. We just built up his new ToP from Transition and it is soooo nice. He has an eye for nice stuff.

I was impressed with my jumping. I think I actually improved since last time I rode Urban.  I felt good with manuals but as usual I still need to practice a lot. K was soing great for his first time on a hardtail in a very long time. His jumping was great and I was very impressed with many of his other skillz. We both need some practice with some key areas but so far I would say we are on the right path.

One of the drops (5-6′) that I did…near the beginning on Comm Ave I tweeked my shoulder. Kind hinder my riding for the rest of the afternoon. But I powered through it and stayed away from the bigger drops that I used to do.  Plus I had a bit of squish on the fork to cushion the blow.  I was also missing my front brake which took away from some of my “tricks” if you can call them tricks. They are to me so THHPPPP to you if you are cool enough to through flips and turn downs. I can’t….o well.

The last couple of days i have been a bit sick. So I haven’t ridden all that much.  I rode in to work on Monday…it was beautiful. I started get sick through that day so. But I hopefully will be back on the bike tomorrow or if I am still sick tomorrow I will stay home form work and ride in on Friday…in the rain.

Cheers and Ride fast and take chances!

2 Responses to “Subherban”

  1. Ken Sciarappa Says:

    I have to admit I was quit jealous of R’s manual capabilities. I’m pretty sure I’ll catch up, (considering I never had the pleasure of owning an “Urban HardTail FunBike”) and be able to soar down the city streets with R. The weather was more than perfect for that time of year, and we should all count our good day’s of riding this winter. Can’t wait to hit the tar with R again.SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!YOHO.

  2. Manduka Says:

    I dont usually comment, but after reading through so much info I had to say thanks

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