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Bacon Bits and Tire Knobs

For no particular reason I haven’t written. We actually there is a reason…work, bikes, beers, and babes. I have been riding a bunch and having fun while doing it. The last two days have been very easy/slow rides for me because I have pulled some sort of leg muscle…not sure what it is called but it sucks.

I have come to terms that I need to do more stretching and I need to force myself to do so. I stretch very little and work my muscles a lot. They get angry and bit me in the ass when I am just starting to feel really good on two wheels. I wish I could  blame it on something else but it really comes down to stretching.

Either way I have been enjoying the bike despite the rain. I just looked at the weather and the electronic weather man told me that it would be another week plus before we see a true break from the wetness. Arrrrrgggghh! although the temp’ will be rising. Yay!

I took my friend Kenny out on a very very low key ride on the road bike and he was immediately hooked. He has never ridden a road bike before…only fat tire style.¬† He and I have been tediously searching for an old steel road frame with horizontal drop-outs to make a single speed for him. Sooooo if you know of one (for as little money possible… maybe free????) let me know. He needs a 54cm. He is an amazing rider and deserves to get some road miles…needs to get some road miles. He is going stir crazy not being able to ride all the time.

Recently I have been riding mostly road with some MTB action thrown in there for good measure. I am once again an insured/registered driver in the state of MA so I will have more chances to ride the MTB in cool and different places.

Stay tuned for some pics and some new strories. I have some words in my head that need to come out.


3 Responses to “Bacon Bits and Tire Knobs”

  1. Brian H. Silva Says:

    Hey Ryan, Check the BTI closeout page and let me know if I can help Kenny out. Not free stuff, but cheap!

  2. Kenny Says:

    Thank’s Ryan for the post , Thanks Hamilton for the lead.
    And look mom I’m famous They mentioned my name.

  3. ken sciarappa Says:

    You need to lock yourself in a log cabin with a Bike, a Bag and a lot of Beer. I need something to read, DAMN IT!!!!!!!!

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