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It has been a while since my last post. I have been a bit busy and a bit uninspired to write because of the lack of miles in my log. But in the in the last weeks I have had a few experiences to blabber about.

First off, I want to mention that even though I haven’t been commuting by bike as much I have been riding a lot. As much as my friggin crazy work schedule allows me to. I am a workaholic which cuts into my time on two wheels. This decreases my motivation for being on the road during absolutley silly hours (am/pm).  Secondly, this winter I was able to be on the bike a shit ton because I had very little social life. Now that it is brewing I am much less willing to  show up to my destination(s) sweaty and covered in lycra.

 Hang on…gotta get another beer……

My riding constists of fixed gear, short miles, and of course beer. One or two road rides on Red in the 30mile range. A whole lot of mounatin biking on Bessie and Opie which usually involes trail maintanence and beer as well. Some rides are very notable which I will get to shortly.

Before my notables, I would like to cover one thing. Something that has been weighing on my spirits as a rider.  RIDE ON THE CORRECT SIDE OF THE FUCKING ROAD WITH A FCUKING HELMET!!!!!! I wasn’t even in a busy city today and this douche with a Trek 820 had no friggin helmet and was riding on the left side of the road with no helmet into traffic. I yelled at him. He said “Fuck you!” So I continued to pursue him…which wasn’t difficult. Although I didn’t cross the road to tail him because..well that’s stupid…I went on with my preaching to him from across North Ave. in Wakefield. He continued to curse while cars were swerving around him because he wasn’t even riding with the breakdown lane. He was pretty much in the middle of the lane. I finished with a “You give Cyclist a bad name asshole” and turned off and mashed away.  Freakin’ morons learn the rules of the road and ride a bit safer. I don’t feel like witnessing unneeded carnage because you feel you are all knowing and imortal.

Deep breath….okay onto good things.

Lately, I have been progressing in my off road prowess, especially on the freeride shit. I have been mountain biking seriously for 14+ years. Even though I am 10yrs older then most of the little buggers in Junior X that I ride with, I seem to be feeling comfortable enough to have that “no fear” riding style. Even though there is…a lot of fear. BUT I have never felt as comfortable and smooth on a bike then I do now. And I am continueing to feel better and better each time I ride.  Maybe it has to do with the winter miles. Or with the bikes I am riding. I am not competely sure. Maybe I have just become sooo comfortable on two wheels at this point in my life that I am more at home on rubber than I am on my feet. I will always have a lot to learn. I will always see different things. But doing “Old Spruce” (seen above from Highland…yes thats me) Puts me in a hole different caliber of Zen. Also Doing “Serene 13”, which has been a personal right of passage for me, raises the bar. After doing drops like that my adrenaline pumps soooo much and I feel like if gravity weren’t there I would float away.

Flying feels so good. Even when it is only for a second.

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