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GB or not to GB

Lately I have been unmotivated to write. It is partly due to the lack of riding that I have been doing. Between work and the annoying rain…my Libido for the bike has gone down a bit. I find it harder to get out of bed to ride to work or I find it harder to go to sleep because I am not wearing myself out by riding as many miles. I don’t know what is worse.

I have so many places I want to go and so many  bikes I want to ride. I am starting to think that less is more. The less sleds I have the more I might ride.

Recently I have done a few fixed gear rides, but no actual road rides to speak off. The mountain biking is rich and sweet but not enough of it. The rain has kept me of the trails. I am serverly dissapointed in mother natures plan to keep me off the bike. Forget urban MTB. That bike has been a carcus since the begining of the summer. The DH.FR bike has been ridden only a few times. The road bike really just sits there and begs me to sell her.

I sit here in an apartment that I am begining to get familar with; with out the rentee to keep me company. Hence the computer action and the very recent urge to write. It is warm but not as bad as my place. This AC seems to kill most of the heat surrounding my spicy ora. In stonerham right now just changing a simple flat is like training for wreslting in highschool.. sweety and uncomfortable.  The beer keeps me chilled. At least I have that.

Tomorrow morn’ I hope to be riding to work. It will be another muggy day it seems and I am looking forward to arriving at work sweaty, thirsty and ready to work on bikes. The ride home will be at night and in places I haven’t been in months.  Late night ride through Hpond and The Fells. SHHHHH don’t tell  “The Friends”. I promise I will stick to the Bike Trail.

Cheers and see you out there Biznitches!