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Not in Boston still a Boston Biker

Posted in Thoughts on August 21st, 2010

I haven’t used this blog in a long time. In fact I ashamed to say that I forgot I even belonged to the this community page.  My life in the last year has been turn upside down, then turned on it’s side, then brought back to the up right position.  This year I went for a new career to bring me to new places. While trying to fulfill that hope, I found a career that would not only relocate me to another wonderful city, but allow me to travel all over the place and ride some amazing asphalt and dirt.

Since March I have been employed by a cycling tour company called Trek Travel.  This new job has brought to amazing places such as Spain, France and just about every state of the USA in that short time.  Most of my time has been spent in the South of France. I gotta tell you the road riding is amazing. Every one owns a bike and uses it. It is a refreshing situation.

I will soon call Madison, WI my new home.  But for now I call my suitcase and the warehouses I work in  my home. I work with amazing people that create amazing experiences for people that pay to ride their bikes in amazing places. Needless to say I am happy person.

Some day I will return to Boston. She will always be my home and I will always miss riding the crazy streets and amazing dirt that Massacheusetts offers.

Cheers from France and where ever I might be next.

This is a pic of an oldschool VTT bike that still rides great. The paint job helps.