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Stroke Away!

My alarm goes off this morning at the same time is does every work day. I shutter my eyes due to the beaming light coming through my blinds that I forgot to close last night. I roll to the left side of my bed and almost fall out. Tripping over the heap of still sweat soaked clothes left on my floor from last nights drunken fixie ride around Stoneham.  Almost smashing my head on the door jam. That was close.

The need to piss hits me. Couldn’t make it to the lid fast enough. I almost fell back asleep while standing there. It was definitely too early for me to be awake on a Sunday. Wait! No wooosh from the throne…I forgot to flush.

Stumbling to the kitchen to brew some java I step on something. Friggin’ vavle stem cap. Those fuckers hurt when you get ’em just right.  Still cursing as I get to the coffee pot and realize my good shit is gone…guess I gotta brew the standby grounds. Ehhh caffine is what I crave not yumminess.  As it brews I zone out on the glowing digi-lite on the perk.

Within a second or 30 my stomach moans for substance. I open the drawer to my left and see some tasty cliff bars. Then realize that they alone may not be enough to satisfy this hunger.  It is time to break out the griddle and the ingredients for one hell of a pancake. We have “Aunt Jemima(sp) Just Add Water” pancake mix, a jar of some PB, some cinnamon, and of course fuck ton of butter. Well on my way to having a great ride in to work today.

I haven’t had cable for a while and I have watched the shit out of all my movies. Sooo I listened to some Slayer. Nothing like coffee and Slayer to wake you the fuck up in the morn’.  The pancakes sizzled and the coffee bubbled the boys from Slayer got me amped and ready to toss the gear on and hit the trails. I slid the grub down my throat. Par took in some extra activities and suited up.

The begining was a bit windy. Good warm up though. Got to the Fells in 5 and started my usual journey through my usual route. Exited and slammed over to Horn Pond. This is were disaster was a pedal stroke away. One of the hills I usually climb had something else planned for me. A stick, maybe it was a full tree, decided it wanted to get comfortable in my rear wheel and play with my derailleur.  Luckily I am bit wary about these issues and stopped pedaling almost immediately.The derailleur was already pulled into the spokes and the hanger was already twisted. The particular bike I was riding is extremely beefy so it takes a bit to fuck it up. I got off and pulled aside the trail. Did a pro job of bending, cursing, twisting, and hammering and got it back into somewhat pedalable condition. It got me to my destination and I was sooo happy for that. It could have been a long walk back, that is for sure.


At the end of the work day I threw Bess into the stand and checked her out. As sexy as she is she needed a bit of surgery. She is all fixed up now and ready to shred again. Hopefully my night ride home will be a bit more pleasurable. I know you can do it Bess! I am trying some new lights and a new saddle on her. My existing saddle is fucking killing me.

Here we goooo!

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  1. Ken Sciarappa Says:

    I WISH I HAD A BIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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