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I have always said that I am a “mountain biker” at heart. But, the more and more I saturate my life with bikes I realize that I am really, truly a “cyclist” at heart. A year ago if you could have hung out with me. Smoked a bit of subherban and drank a beer or 10 with me…you would have said to your self “Shit this guy hates everything that doesn’t have a knobby tire on it”. This was very true.  If it didn’t have 26″ wheels and wasn’t called a “mountain bike” I would have laughed at the thought of riding it. “Skinny wheels just lead to shaving legs and lycra” is something I would have said.

Luckily, shaving of the extremities hasn’t even entered my mind after this road filled winter. Even with copious amounts of road rash to speak of…I just don’t see the need.  With Canadian lineage I think it is proper to stay hairy. I certainly see the reasoning behind shaving my sticks. But I hate shaving my face so much I can imagine how much I would dred shaving my legs.  Just not worth it.

Sooo back to my first thought. Mountain biking! Yup it is that time of year when I have to choose wisely were I ride because of mud season. It is that time of year were snow and ice are no longer the problem. Those pesky wooden limbs that grow underground and find their way to the surface. Just enough showing to make it interesting when wet. Just annoying enough to make you curse them.

Roots, rocks and the type of dirt we have here in New England may make this the only place worthy of the term…technical. I know, I know there are other polaces in the world that is this techinically difficult. I am not that close minded people. But damn NE has it’s own flow and feeling. The terrain makes me feel at home.

I stopped the other day while commuting through the local woods and sat atop a rock that I usually stop to take a “break” at. The trees (with roots) in front of me showed glimpses of the green to come. The dirt smelled (with rocks) just right. And there were birds-a-singnin’ and and squirells-a-scroungin’. It made me fell whole again. During the winter, especially this one, I long for these signs. This tells me it will only get better for the next 6ish months.

If you are not a Dirt rider then I suggest you get some sort of a bike with knobbies and give it a whirl. This weekend there will be a ride for “Opening Day” at the Fells Reservation. If you are a Dirt rider then I hope to see you there on Saturday. You may have fun, you may meet some cool people, you might even discover a type of cycling that you have always said “Ehhh I will never like that… it is silly!”.

Really! It is an amazing discipling that everyone should get a taste of. It will change your life! Just like road riding and all the other disciplins involving non-motorized movement. We must believe bikes can do great things for us…because they can!

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