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Spammers Beware!

spam.jpegFuckin’ A. Not only do we have to deal with fuckin’ telemarketers, Spam emails, Spam pop-ups and the shit heads that feel it is necessary to call my fuckin’ cell phone and try to sell me shit. I have to deal with FUCKIN’ Spammers that write these amazingly long comments. They are just random words with links and adds placed in amongst the words. Shit!!!!!!

Leave me the fuck alone Spammers. I just deleted 42…YES fuckin’ 42 spam comments on my blog. Damn… please help with this shit. There has to be a way to stop it.

If you are legit in leaving comments please leave ME comments on how much you hate this shit. Maybe BostonBiker will pick up on how the rest of us are annoyed by it.

Don’t worry not all negative…next entry will be positive.

4 Responses to “Spammers Beware!”

  1. Boston Biker Says:

    I installed a spam blocker for you, you shouldn’t have any problems from now on, but sure to check the spam filter every once in a while for false positives. You can make the filter smarter by marking as spam anything it misses. Happy bloggging 🙂

  2. teeheehee Says:

    I set my commenting to be approved-only unless they have a account. Not many people visit to read my tripe so I don’t have much _but_ spam posts to moderate… a few a day.

    So it goes with the blogging world.

    I might not care about it so much except the absolute filth (*note, I _never_ go to those sites, the description itself makes me wary) that is sometimes “advertised” makes me wonder if it’s worth reporting to the feds.

    Kudos Shane, hopefully the blocking will be effective.

  3. adrnalin Says:

    Yes…Yes! Thank you, guys at BostonBiker. You dudes are the best. I love this site and all it stands for. Keep on Keepin’ on! More to write about and more to ride for. Cheers!

  4. Gregorio Bears Says:

    I couldn’t agree more…

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