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Bearing Puller

Posted in Thoughts on March 29th, 2009

Many things have happened since I last wrote. I took a break for a while because of the increase in work hours. Which now means an increase in riding hours. For the last monthish I have done nothing but work, ride, eat, sleep, work, ride, eat, sleep and so on. When I say eat I mean put the fuckin’ feed bag on. I eat like a zombie…with out fill or care. It tastes to good to stop.

Food, or fuel, is key for any human’s life. Some of us just choose to use it responsibly (you know who you are). Fuel helps us think correctly, move with ease, and recover quickly.  It makes the days better and the hour quicker.

The same can be said for passion. I am not just talking about the sweaty noisy passion that we all strive to achieve. But the passion that runs our lives.That little tick that strikes us when just pedaling isn’t enough. We have to get over the edge to feel it.

My new passion is dirt. Okay maybe it’s and old passion renewed. Either way I need to smell it. I need to feel it between my fingers. I need to sculpt into amazing creations to launch, heeve, and pich over. The need to knead it to suit a bicycle and help it gain speed. The need to feel FLOW and GROOVE.

I/we did 10 hours of “trail maintenance” the other day in our secret locale anf I can’t wait to rip it on Bessie. Jump line to a long downhill pump track. I hope “Beerrrmmmies Python” is as good as I vision it to be. We will see soon enough.


Mudbutter and Jelly

Posted in Rides on March 11th, 2009

With out hesitation this morning I got my Opie ready to ride some dirty dirty. Que the barrage of emails and comments about mud season. Well screw you! You know why I can say that, because I maintain more miles of trails than anyone that might read this. Except for Ken he does a ton with me. Anything that I might damage will be fixed before you even see it.

It was rainy when I left,  but damn it felt better than snowflakes falling on me.  I had a huge smile on my face even though it was a tough ride. My buddy ML hooked it up so I was a bit more relaxed during my ride…which made it way more fun and worth it. Thanks Broham! By the time I had gotten to work the rain and puddles washed away most of the mud that had caked in between my rear tire, seat tube, and all over me.

This day of ATB riding made me think of my big plans for this coming year. Here are 10 expected things that WILL happen. These are only a taste of things to come. They are listed at random:

1.  Ride my bikes a lot.

2. Eat lots of healthy delicious food.

3. Do a shit load of camping and outdoor activities.

4. Go bigger and faster.

5. Build some sick shit at Da Summit.

6. Drink some really good beer. Beer is my Gu! Drink responsibly on the trails you could get hurt.

7. Ride my bikes alot …wait did I say that already.

8. Travel to riding spots I have never been before and have wanted too for many years (Kingdom Trails, Oregon, all of Canada, and so many more).

9. Build some bike stuff…including a trail building trailer, some parts that involve extra activities, a lounge chair out of bike parts, and some other interesting things that arein my skull that will benefit all who ride. I’m gonna be rich biotch!

10. Ummmm ride!

I have some many other things that I want to cram, shove, and compress into 2009. Some things are on the “is it really time” list. These thing I have planned for some time now. But looking at money, family, and my own personal goals they may not happen.

I can tell you this. There will be a fuck load of riding, drinking, writing, and enjoying the fuck out of my amazing life. I am sooo privildged to have the career that I have, to have the friends I have and have the family that I have. My bike quiver is never as full as I would like but shit I can’t complain with the wonderful rides that I have been blessed with. They treat me well so I treat them well back. Like it should be.

Rippin’ berms and smoking worms…that is what I am ready for! Watch out dirt I got my fuckin’ eye on you!


Winter Depression

Posted in Thoughts on March 4th, 2009


This year I have been a super motivated rider/commuter. At the beginning of the Winter I decided I would ride through it all. As much as I could. This has happened. I feel amazing and have definitely felt the Zen that I had mentioned in my previous entries. There were a couple days were I don’t even remember riding to/from work because I was in such a state of focus. My “ZEN” has reached a new level. And I can’t wait to transfer that to the dirt.

BUT I am human. We actually had a glimpse of spring. Snow melting and salt drifting away due to the rain. It put a massive smile on my face and I could smell the dirt and the life of the coming season in the air. I had less of a salt taste in my mouth, it was more the flowing beer and steak at a BBQ after an epic MTB ride taste.  So I won’t lie or shade the truth. I am now officially depressed about the weather situation. Grinding through my commute like a novice on his first muddy NE ride (slower and slower as I ride). Tuesday I didn’t even want to touch my bikes. I couldn’t even bare to look outside…at the snow that accumulated. Erggghhhh!

I look forward to the weekend and again a glimpse of things to come, but only a glimpse. There is no way Mothah Nachah will bring the melt…that quickly. She’s a beautiful lady but really knows how to twist the knife, like most women. I will do a road ride, but unfortunately I know I will still need fenders.

I love NE and will always. She knows how to make a hardy American, that is for sure.

The final word on this….Patience…ooops another one….Hope!

Spammers Beware!

Posted in 1 on March 4th, 2009

spam.jpegFuckin’ A. Not only do we have to deal with fuckin’ telemarketers, Spam emails, Spam pop-ups and the shit heads that feel it is necessary to call my fuckin’ cell phone and try to sell me shit. I have to deal with FUCKIN’ Spammers that write these amazingly long comments. They are just random words with links and adds placed in amongst the words. Shit!!!!!!

Leave me the fuck alone Spammers. I just deleted 42…YES fuckin’ 42 spam comments on my blog. Damn… please help with this shit. There has to be a way to stop it.

If you are legit in leaving comments please leave ME comments on how much you hate this shit. Maybe BostonBiker will pick up on how the rest of us are annoyed by it.

Don’t worry not all negative…next entry will be positive.