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RMV: Ready Made Violence

I know what you are saying to yourself right now….” Is he complaining about driving again?” Well I am not complaining about driving persay. But I am complaining about the laws and regulations that this state and many other states have. In order for me to renew my liscense and Reg I need more proof of identity than there is potholes in Boston. WTF. Eghhhh! The place is an Easy-Bake Oven for already surly people.

Anyway, the lovely experience of the RMV aloud me to get a ton of miles (36.7) in on Totem. Of course this is because of the monkeys at the RMV not removing certain closed locations from their website. Damn bastards. So I rode my bike to Reading…Closed. I rode my bike to Melrose…CLOSED! So I tried Wilmington. Got lost ridding through the area. Finally figured out what I was doing wrong and got there. After I got the wonderfully great news (sarcasism) I headed out to go to work. This is when I really realized people need to learn how to drive and be retested after the age of 60. I am just glad that I have cat-like reflexes and avoided 3 potenially bad situations. The last one I think I actually need to change my skivies. It was a triple threat. Old purple haired lady on her cell phone with a bunch of crap piled in the rear window of her Buick (great for blind spots). I hit her trunk with my hand and she swerved all over the road she was turning onto. This made me realize she had no Fucking idea I was there. Argggg!

Even with that I was super stoked to be on my bike in 40+ dergree weather in the 2nd of Febuary. Even more so because Puxatany Phil saw his shadow. Yay 6 more weeks of winter. Do you buy into that shit? I sure don’t. I think Ol’ Phil is paid off by the media to create more tears in our already depressing word.

Ride long. Ride strong.

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  1. Ken Sciarappa Says:

    YOU totally have a right to complain, because almost everyone has felt your pain…………

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